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What are people saying about SpectralCalc?

Here are a few of the comments we’ve received from users. We’d love to hear from you too!

Many compliments on your excellent and useful web service.

You have quite a comprehensive list of gases in your database, which is very useful.

I am very happy with the SpectraCalc. We use it with irregular intervals and a per-month subscription suits us well.

I have carried out tens of calculations in the Earth's atmosphere calculating absorption for different gas compositions and heights. The results are logical and clear.

We sincerely appreciate your perfect arrangement. Thank you so much!

Thanks for having your blackbody radiation calculator available free on line.  I find it to be a great resource.

Your web site is superb, it contains a wealth of information. I want to thank you for making it available.

We are using the calculator as a group of 10 people. The calculator is a very good and reliable tool for our HITRAN simulations. And it works better than all the other similar software I have used before… The profile of spectralcalc.com looks to me very competent.

This is a great pedagogical tool! I would love to use it in my introductory science class.

I am going to use your program again for class.

I’ve been using the Hitran Database often some years ago and i am now again busy in developing InfraRed sensors, so this tool is very useful to me… I cannot work without it.

The atmospheric paths capability, especially now with the addition of temperature variability in the model, is a fantastic tool for analyzing our solar reflective data at 2.33 micron.

Your spectralcalc-tool is a very good one.

I use spectralcalc for gas-laser-spectroscopy.

I subscribed your product, it is very helpful and user friendly.

I have been using Spectral Calc for a few years now and love the application!

Just to say thank you for such a marvellous facility!

Thanks for a great software which we use a lot!

I found that the spectralcalc software is amazing for atmospheric physics / science students like myself.

We are very much enjoying using your Gas-Cell Simulator.

It's an excellent tool which you have provided.